Ed Jumper

Pastor Ed was born in Louisville, KY. He graduated from University of Kentucky with a BSME and Indiana Wesleyan University with a MBA. He completed his studies with a DMin degree from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

Pastor Ed has been married to his lovely and gorgeous wife for 20 years. They have three beautiful children, LJ, Anica, and Joshua. Pastor Jumper is thankful for the faithful support of his wife. He believes that a strong marriage is key to an effective ministry and he knows his wife is a gift from God.

Pastor Ed loves to preach the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He believes that according to Romans 1:16, it alone is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes. He has a deep passion for winning souls to Christ and believes that the main goal of preaching the Gospel is changed lives in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Jumper also has a passion for Outreach Ministry and believes that we as a Church need to go outside the four walls into the Harvest with the Good News. The inspired his vision to plant a church that demonstrates the compassion and love of Christ to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of all people regardless of ethnic background or social economic status.

Pastor Ed was Licensed and Ordained to preach the gospel under his father in the ministry – Pastor David Brunson Sr of Trinity Life Church in Dacula GA.

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